Shea Butter Soap
Shea Butter Soap
Shea Butter Soap
Shea Butter Soap

Shea Butter Soap

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Handcrafted shea  butter body soap. Enjoy the relaxing fragrances of mint tea, rose flowers, or fresh oak moss while nourishing your skin with the skin softening shea  butter soaps. Each soap is 4.78 ounces. 

White Mint Tea: White tea fragrance blended with sweet peppermint oil.

Midnight Shadows: Activated Charcoal Soap. Oakmoss and aloe top notes with light floral undertones.

Wild Flower: Sweet, light floral scent with a musk undertone. Contains rose petals.

Raspberry Vanilla: black raspberries blended with vanilla beans.

Honey and Oats: A combination of oatmilk, honey, and oatmeal as an exfoliant this soap is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. 

 Lavender and Oak: This Shea butter soap is an Oak Moss fragrance mixed with a lavender blend. Contains sea salt as an exfoliant.

Aloe and Eucalyptus: Natural eucalyptus oil mixed with aloe vera for a relaxing blend.

Citrus and Jasmine: Beautiful combination of sweet jasmine florals with citrus. Contains sea salt and ground oatmeal as exfoliants.


Olive Oil

Soybean Oil

Coconut Oil

Canola Oil

Sunflower Oil

Organic Shea Butter


Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

Fragrance oil

(Charcoal in Midnight shadows)

(Rose Petals in Wild Flower)


 Please test on a small area before using to check for an allergic reaction. If you have any reaction please stop use and consult with a doctor.